A downloadable game for Windows

A game made for DAC515 Unit - Producing Games.

This is a game prototype developed by a 9 man team as a basis for learning Agile workflows.


  • Jack Hill – Producer/Product Owner/Programmer/Narrative Design  
  • James Johnson – Lead programmer/Co Producer/Narrative Design/Design/Composer
  • Jordan Smith – Programmer/Events Designer/Design/Narrative Design/Cinematic Design
  • James Nethercott – Enemy & Character Design/Battle Design/Item Design
  • Matt Pendleton – Level & Aesthetic Design/Programmer
  • Martynas Rekstys – UI & Systems Design/Co Level Design
  • Ross Fifield – Co Producer/Scrum Master/Designer/ Co Level Design
  • Scott Hardy – Level Design/Enemy Design/System Design
  • Owen Holmes – Co Narrative Design

Game Controls

  • Movement – Directional Arrows
  • Movement – Click a position on the screen and the player will auto path
  • Interaction – Z or Enter will confirm on UI elements and interact with objects
  • Back – Pressing ESC will back out of menu items or decisions.
  • Left Shift – Holding Left Shift will make the player character run if Dash is disabled or Walk if Dash is enabled.

Install instructions

  1. Unzip and Open Folder Bloom Twins
  2. Double Click the Game.exe executable.
  3. On the main menu click the New Game button or Press Enter


Bloom Twins.zip 157 MB

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